About Us

VIJAY PUMPS PRIVATE LIMITED.One of the pioneers in the field of VACUUM TECHNOLOGY offers complete range of Mechanical Pumps to cover all particular needs of the Industry & R & D.
Established in 1977,We have been supplying our Products to Various Government, Semi Government, Public & Private Sector units since three decades.

VIJAY PUMPS PRIVATE. LIMITED. manufactures various types of High Vacuum Pumps, Water Ring Vacuum Pumps, Chemical Process Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vacuum System & Dry Vacuum Pumps with Latest technology and Equipment with modern machines and high trained technicians, having various applications in industries like:

Agriculture Petroleum & Petrochemicals Breweries Industries Pharmaceuticals
Cement Plants Plastics Industries Ceramic Industries Railway
Chemicals Industries Refineries Coal Mines Rubber / Tyre Industries
Cosmetics Industries Semiconductor Industries Diary Industries Sugar Industries,
Electrical Industries Textile Industries Food Industries Thermal Power Plant
Metallurgy Vacuum Furnace Industries Paper Industries Hydro Power Plant
Other Vacuum Related Fields....

Our Products are not only marketed domestically, but are also available for Exports & meets strict International Quality Control Procedures.

We believe in Quality & Performance.
The quality control is practiced at all levels of the organization and all the aspects are followed thoroughly with specified standards.
Each Product undergoes QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURE. Stringent tests are conducted at different stages of manufacturing process as per approved quality plan & specifications.

Each of our products are tested thoroughly for their performance as per BS 1571 part-2,1975 / Pneurop Standard 6612 / 1984  ( Testing Standards ).
Testing Procedure can be inspected by the Buyer or Inspection Agency at our site.


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